V4 Startups Platform:

  • Company Presentations
    The conference features opportunities to establish productive partnerships in V4 countries. 
  • Information Platform
    V4 Startups the Netherlands in cooperation with AXS Capital Markets and Czech Dutch Chamber of Commerce operates as an information platform on investment opportunities in V4 countries.  
  • Networking Opportunities
    V4 Startups in the Netherlands brings together Dutch industry professionals, investors (including venture capitalists and business angels), startups, corporate and government representatives. 
  • Industry Focus
    The conference is selective in accepting applications to ensure goal-oriented participation of the most promising prospects in the Information and Communication Technology industry.


Winners of the ING Workshop Award Winners of the EY Workshop Award

Slovakia: Lurity

Hungary: Mosaic Lights

Poland: LiveCall


Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship
Rotterdam Science Tower
Marconistraat 16
3029 AK Rotterdam